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The Vector Core Inc., was founded in 1984.
Main field of our publications is "Imaging Diagnosis" and our books are dedicated to the medical professionals working in clinical forefronts.
In Japan, we are known as a pioneering publishing company in the field of Imaging Diagnosis, particularly Ultrasonography.
We have several series publications, the Atlas Series, the Compact Series, and the Practical Essential Guidance Series, in respond to professions and specialties, levels and needs of our readers.
Our main readers are medical doctors, radiological technologists, clinical medical technologists, medical sonographers, and clinical engineering technologists working in the hospitals, and our publications are valued and trusted by these healthcare professionals.
With the development of skills, knowledge and technologies, Imaging Diagnosis becomes more and more important and indispensable as a means of safe and bearable medical examination for patients.
We have cultivated our own know-how for publishing books in this domain and our mission is to provide reliable useful and practical books for our readers working in ever advancing medical fileds.



3D series

Clinical 3D Echocardiography A Comparison with 2D Echocardiography, Case Presentations

Takahiro Shiota/Autor

Language: English  ISBN: 978-4902380705 date of issue: 2010/9/15

With truly stunning 3D pictures and movies, Shiota is now ready to show the clinical value of 3D echocardiography in daily practice.
This new book provides the reader with a definitive viewpoint on the benefits of utilizing 3D echocardiography with author's personal clinical experience in cardiac imaging.
A case presentation style is used to show the clear difference between 2D and 3D echocardiography seen in patients, along with state-of-the-art cardiac 3D images, both normal and abnormal.